Miksang path of perceptions and photography

Although the experience of clear seeing is available to everyone, people come to contemplative photography with different motivations. Some want to give expression to what they experience through the discipline of meditation. Some have recognized some direct and vivid quality of perception in their own experience and want to explore and express that potential. Others have trained in photography or other arts and are curious about the contemplative approach. The common element is an interest in clear seeing.

The Miksang Society offers a path of perception and photography through a three level course of training. No photographic experience or knowledge is required although you will need a 35mm camera with manual capacity. You do not need a background with meditation and we do not teach meditation as part of the training.

The three levels of training, based on Chögyam Trungpa's teaching on the three levels of perception, follow a traditional contemplative path of transforming confusion into wisdom. Often it seems that our inherent capacity for insight is obscured by preconceptions and habitual patterns. Each level and each class presents teachings and exercises which work through the obstacles to clear seeing by cultivating the purifying power our natural synchronisation and wisdom.

Level I  Looking : The Visual World

Introduction to Contemplative Photography

light-yellow-brick-wall-chimney-building-Color - Miksang - copyright- John McQuade

Level II  Seeing: Appreciating the Phenomenal World

Heart of Contemplative Photography 

glass wall of a high rise - reflections of the sky - Impressionism - Miksang - copyright - John McQuade

Level III  Perceiving: The Play of the Phenomenal World

Orderly Chaos and Found Modern Art

Nalanda Miksang contemplative photography - PasteUp - skiers and chair lifts

Connect with the magic of your perceptions

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A Nalanda Miksang Testimonial” I want to share an excerpt from an essay I wrote for my book entitled:Nalanda Miksang, Using Photography to Contemplate Life, APractitioner’s Point of View. As

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Miksang (Tibetan for “Good Eye”) is a contemplative photography discipline based on Dharma art teachings from the twentieth-century Tibetan teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.In this interview, we asked John McQuade –

Exploring Miksang contemplative photography, An interview with John McQuade

During this period of the covid-19 event , with its emphasis on social isolation, I have engaged more than usual the contemplative practices of Nalanda Miksang contemplative photography. Through these practices, I realize that contemplative mind is completely free of covid-19 and more decisively free of the covid-19 mind-set.

Covid–19 and the Color Red: On Contemplative Mind