What they say about Miksang

Take a look at what some students have to say about the meaningful changes that Miksang contemplative photography has made in their lives.

Transformational and enriching

The class was transformational and enriching. I have a heightened awareness of flashes of perception…and that seems to encourage more, and longer, moments of awareness and openness.  

I love the idea of using our phones to bring more mindfulness into the world. Beautiful.


Miksang has opened my eyes to a luminous, unseen world.

David Rollason

I want to thank you for your time and energy in sharing your exploration of contemplative photography. The course was my birthday present to myself. 

I think it has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a while. I find myself looking at reflections and at the way the light moves around the spaces I am in. Sometimes I can receive an image clearly enough to make a photo I want to keep. I find it to be a very grounding way of being.


My eyes have been freshened

Thank you for a wonderful workshop. I learned from both of you, and from the other participants.

I feel that my eyes have been freshened, and I learned some very useful techniques to help me continue to do that! 

Caron Smith

Thank you so much for this course! I thought you'd appreciate seeing a photograph that presented itself to me the other day as I was prepping dinner.

I am not only seeing differently because of this course but also trusting and valuing that when I do, I should make the image.

What a gift!   Thank you!


This workshop was most enjoyable and opened my eyes to seeing things in a different way – well, noticing more.

My life is busy, my mind is busy, and this slowed me down in some way. I had a big SLR camera which I only took with me on holidays, or to a big event.

Now I often carry a small digital camera with me and enjoy having things ‘catch my eye’ in a way they didn’t before. Find I get outside more, too – always a good thing. I highly recommend this to all.

 Katherine Baker

"In one of my Miksang courses, most likely Miriam Hall’s Level 1, I wrote down the following: “The key to the practice of contemplative photography is to recognize that seeing and thinking are very different. Thinking relates to the world through ideas and mental images. Seeing perceives things directly, just as they are.”

I feel that as a person who dwells in facts, figures, and often harsh realities all day I had become jaded to the simple beautiful things that surround me. Luckily, I have learned through Miksang, that fresh seeing is never gone, it is just temporarily covered over and it is absolutely possible to uncover it again. And by taking Miksang courses over and over again I manage to regain, gain and keep a bit more fresh and balanced perspective to life and appreciate the simple beautiful side of it. I soften and I see - I am more well-defined as my mind quiets and sees."

Karyn Keze

"I have found the mentorship and guidance of Miriam to be invaluable in helping me in my pursuit of different forms of my art. Having spent 50 years in the field of photojournalism and documentation, this course literally opened my eyes, my mind, and my heart to a totally different world of photography and a creative mindful experience. An exciting and interesting field Miksang is. Her feedback and teaching are personalized and help me to see and feel my art in ways I have not in the past. Interaction with the other students and seeing their art is a wonderful experience, even at times exhilarating to see what others see so differently than my own eyes would see it. I feel very blessed to be her student."

Dr. L. Darryl Armstrong